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Swarovski Database at WBRB: View Figurine information Live! is a database containing thousands of Swarovski figurines and products.  Our database contains color images, designer names, figurine dimensions, year introduced, year retired, MSR and Estimated Replacement Value (ERV for insurance purposes). There is also a short paragraph of information containing the theme group, history, or interesting facts for the crystal figurines.

We offer annual subscriptions to our Swarovski Database for collectors to view figurine facts and inventory Swarovski figurines.  We have an eBook Subscription to as well as web-based software to inventory a Swarovski Collection (Crystal Inventory Subscription) at Our Swarovski Database is the only one of its kind on the internet, and it is updated bi-annually shortly after printed books are released at . If you prefer not to carry a Swarovski book in your car, viewing our Swarovski database may the solution for you.

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